Third Issue of Manuscription Magazine

Downloadable Pdf Editor’s note Acknowledgements Contributors: Amanda Robinette Family Tree fish bowl Stages of a Butterfly Anishka Duggal Subjugation Mother’s Disease Sleeping Patterns Explaining the Marangoni Effect Father Tells Me Duet in Five Haiku Ella Cao Airports Emmarie Paxton 2009: Juneau Ct. Stink bugs in october Vermillion Hazel Byers muse Ishita Sharma Let it snow … Continue reading Third Issue of Manuscription Magazine

We’re open for submissions!

We're looking for new works and contributors for our June/July edition. Remember - we're interested in anything you have, whether it be fiction, non-fiction, journalism and reviews, art, anything! You can check out our other issues for inspiration Our submittable page will be open until March 15, 2020, so check it out if you're interested. … Continue reading We’re open for submissions!

Caroline Jones

Bio: Caroline Jones is a 15-year-old Canadian girl living in the US who loves reading, writing, and listening to Broadway music. Editor’s note: Caroline’s flash fiction has all the components of good work: scene, action and surprise. Her excellent imagery and gentle implication speaks volumes – which is perfect for this form. The reader is … Continue reading Caroline Jones

Sarah Waring

Bio: Sarah Waring is a 16-year-old poet from the United States. She loves poetry, conspiracy theories, and her dog. Editor’s note: Sarah pairs strong imagery and powerful rhetorical questions to create a work with real power. Readers will be able to vividly imagine the quiet church in the centre of New York thanks to her … Continue reading Sarah Waring