Who are we?

We’re Manuscription Magazine!

Welcome to our brand-new blog. We’re still getting up and running, but feel free to have a browse and see what we’re up to, what we’re looking for, and where we’re hopefully heading.

The idea behind Manuscription Magazine is simple: we want to create a space for young talent. Only people who are eighteen or under can submit stories, plays, poems, non-fiction, book reviews, videos, pictures… in all genres: literary, speculative, mystery, suspense, thriller… whatever you’ve got, let us see it!

We want to provide a place for young writers to submit their work and receive good, solid feedback, and experience professional publishing for themselves. We know that some younger authors are still learning the craft, so we want to give them a place where they can try new things, ask questions, and (if they work hard) make a name for themselves without having to compete with authors who have been writing and submitting stories for decades. We want to foster creative talent and interest by providing an opportunity for younger creatives to see their work in print.

When you submit your work, it will be read by our team of awesome editors and, if we love it, we will match you with a mentor who has studied creative writing at University level (and has the degree to prove it!). After that, you’ll work with that mentor and improve your craft until the work is ready to be published. This isn’t just a publishing opportunity; it’s a chance for you to get one-on-one feedback from someone who has put years into studying creative writing. By the time you see your work in print, we want it to be the best it can be – and we want you as the author to know that you’ve improved your skills.

Who knows? Maybe in a couple of years you’ll be graduating from uni and we’ll be asking you to mentor for us!

We’re not purely story-focused. We’re looking for everything. We want to publish poetry, book reviews, plays, even videos and artwork! If you’ve created it and we can make it work online, then we’d love to see it. You can check out our submit page for more information about what we’re looking for.

If we can’t find room for your work, don’t take it to heart! It could be that you’ve still got some work to do on it. If we choose not to accept the work then we will do our best to send you some feedback – a few lines about where you can improve your work and a link to a resource that we’ve found really useful in the past. It won’t be as detailed as the feedback that the work would have gotten if it were accepted, but it’s a start in the right direction! Now, this might take more time – so what we’ll do is send you an email to let you know whether you’ve been accepted or not. We’ll send our feedback afterwards.

Now, we’re still getting our feet on the ground so we’re not ready for submissions yet. This blog post is just a way to let everyone know that we’re on the way. You can follow us on Twitter @_Manuscription for information and up-to-date news on when we’re opening submissions, as well as helpful hints on writing and the creative process.

Thanks for checking us out!

– The Editors

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