Editor’s note

Welcome to the first edition of Manuscription!

We started Manuscription specifically for creative people who are 18 and under. It is an opportunity for young people to get their voices heard and get experience in publication, as well as get excellent feedback and mentoring from older, more experienced practitioners. We wanted to help young creatives produce their best work and take something away from this process that they can apply to other projects in the future.

In Manuscription, the end result is not as important as the process. We want to know that our contributors (and, in some cases, our mentors) learned something from this experience.

Reading through this first issue, it is exciting to see the different types of expression that young creatives are producing. We had a lot of poetry submissions, exploring a range of issues. Everything from family, to the natural world, to the adult gatekeepers who stand between them and their favourite books. There is questioning and there is assurance. There is optimism and scepticism.

When you read their bios, you’ll see the range or our contributors’ talent and experience. They aren’t just writers and artists; they’re athletes, linguists, travellers, and photographers. For some, English is not their first language. We were delighted with the diversity of contributors, who come from Australia, America, and Tanzania, and have cultural backgrounds that are as exciting and interesting as the work that they’ve produced.

We’re excited to bring you this first edition of Manuscription Magazine! Keep your eyes out for the second edition in December this year.

– The Editorial Board

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