Caroline Jones

Bio: Caroline Jones is a 15-year-old Canadian girl living in the US who loves reading, writing, and listening to Broadway music.

Editor’s note: Caroline’s flash fiction has all the components of good work: scene, action and surprise. Her excellent imagery and gentle implication speaks volumes – which is perfect for this form. The reader is drawn into this striking variation on folklore in the early scenes, only to recognise the traditions she’s drawing on towards the end. Brilliant work!


Rivers of Gold


He promised to spin her rivers of gold. He would weave her ragged flaxen smocks into gowns that rippled to the floor like sun-tinted waterfalls.

If he spun enough gold to satisfy the king, she would finally be free. Free from her father and country and monarch. Free to marry whomever she chose.

And she promised she would choose him.

He spun for her every night, imagining the lustrous gown she would wear on their wedding night.

He never imagined the pearl dress of royal marriage. Rumpelstiltskin cried when he saw it. He could turn flax to gold, but he couldn’t gild pearls.

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