Muhammad Hamza Khan

Bio: My name is Muhammad Hamza Khan, and I’m a Canadian-Pakistani living in Pakistan. Currently, I’m a high school student, and I plan on studying Philosophy at a higher level. I like pizza, music, and Charles Bukowski.

Editor’s note: Muhammad’s poetry is as striking visually as it is in its subject matter. His work unravels at a good pace, and Ode to Bees in particular uses a form seems to mimic the rigid structure of a bee’s environment. Such a clever use of paragraph structure that we really appreciated!


Oh, Vincent!

I heard Van Gogh
cut his ear off,
and gave it to a
he loved her.
But that’s not
even the saddest part:
she didn’t love him back,
and threw the ear

Oh, Vincent,
if only
love worked that way,
then all men
would be


Ode to Bees

We’re all just bees, zapping around
here and there, on the fields of this earth,
thinking everything will
last forever, and
nothing matters
more than

We all just move on from
one flower to the other
in search of
stay there
till we’ve taken
as much nectar out
as we possibly, possibly can.

After one flower, comes the next,
and we keep on travelling
till we think maybe
we need more
than nectar
to live,
we then
spend our lives
in search of something
more than nectar, and the funny
part is, we don’t really know what it
really is that we’re

This is the only life
we know of,
and this is
the only
life we



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