Roy Little

Bio: My name is Roy Little. I come from Rochester, NY. I have always been a passionate writer. I seek to utilize writing to uplift people across the planet.

Editor’s note: Roy’s work is an inspiring and rhythmically interesting exploration of hope and pursuing one’s goals. During his mentoring process, he mentioned that the crooked line or smudge on a portrait can be considered an artist’s signature; we think that Roy’s abstract poetry style will become his own particular smudge on a portrait!

Dreamers vs Visionaries


We live in a world where lines are blurred

Where the mass needs to fast from spells cast with words

Words that cause oneself to need a corrective lens

Love, respect & soul in check for perspective friends

World will have you neglect your sense

Dreamers vs Visionaries

The world says, “visions are just dreams be weary”

Though gifted, foes will attempt eclipse your theories

Impose their spell and have you thinking your missions scary

Pursuit of a vision, that’s clever never a useless decision

Many lost in a crucible, in route to perdition




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