Tah Ai Jia

Bio: My name is Tah Ai Jia, and I’m 17 years old. I’m a Chinese Malaysian poet and I am currently studying Foundation studies at Trinity College, University of Melbourne.

Editor’s note: Tah’s poem plays with language, nature and atmosphere to create a gripping and engaging work! Weather writing has been done before, but Tah breathes fresh air into what could otherwise have been a stale genre.


another inconsequential list of You:


Clouds shift through me whenever you breathe;

They whisper water vapour into my

fractured bones and swirl strangled spots onto

my ruptured skin. With arms stuffed from watered-

down hail and diluted wind, I can feel

their breeze on the inner folds of my knees.


The trees sway lower whenever you speak;

Autumn leaves play games of hide and seek as they

swish-swoosh in sync to your vowels and beats.

They pop and lock to the uneven speech

running through your teeth, as your tongue fails to

secure them in your lips’ cherry knot grip.


Stars soar higher whenever you blink;

11:11 heartbeats shroud me

in hibernation as the moon glistens

in the shining afterglow of falling

meteorites— Oh, how your night sky em-

braces me in your never-ending dream

of quiet; how your lullabies have touched

my raining heartbeats sandpapered and limp.


Mirrors reflect light whenever you sleep;

My image ripples in response to your

soft snores and twitching toes. The blankets swim

in skips along the ocean, and my arms

ache to drown in search of island treasures.


Squiggly lines for kisses are nothing; For

clouds allude to carved feathers but leave me

in peace when I scratch for comfort, Autumn

leaves cease to exist when in contact with

my skin, stars escape their cages when no

one thinks to see, the song of dreams erodes

into ceramic vases of chopped rose

stems and gardened cactus leaves, and buried

gold are decomposing wishes and (what

ifs) left dripping on the tips of my swollen l i p s.

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