Third Issue of Manuscription Magazine

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Editor’s note



Amanda Robinette

  • Family Tree
  • fish bowl
  • Stages of a Butterfly

Anishka Duggal

  • Subjugation
  • Mother’s Disease
  • Sleeping Patterns
  • Explaining the Marangoni Effect
  • Father Tells Me
  • Duet in Five Haiku

Ella Cao

  • Airports

Emmarie Paxton

  • 2009: Juneau Ct.
  • Stink bugs in october
  • Vermillion

Hazel Byers

  • muse

Ishita Sharma

  • Let it snow
  • Of trickery and love

Leila Bloomingdale

  • A Dream I Had While Silent

Meghan Lyon

  • Radio

Sang Yun Jee

  • My Side of Racism

Sydney Belcher

  • The Auction of the Osceola County Zoo

Uma Menon

  • deserted playground
  • telekinesis
  • television
  • telephones
  • telescope

William Clickard

  • Necessity
  • When
  • Morning Sun
  • The Sun Around the Shadows
  • The World That Never Was

Yasmine Chokrane

  • timestamped

Eva Hays

  • Steering Wheel
  • Holding Onto You

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