Sarah Waring

Bio: Sarah Waring is a 16-year-old poet from the United States. She loves poetry, conspiracy theories, and her dog. Editor’s note: Sarah pairs strong imagery and powerful rhetorical questions to create a work with real power. Readers will be able to vividly imagine the quiet church in the centre of New York thanks to her … Continue reading Sarah Waring

Tegan Ford

Bio: My name is Tegan Ford, I am 15 years old, and I am from the United States. I enjoy writing in my free time and participating in clubs- one of which I created myself, with the hope of giving back to our local community, and even contributing to relief efforts across the globe. I … Continue reading Tegan Ford

Roy Little

Bio: My name is Roy Little. I come from Rochester, NY. I have always been a passionate writer. I seek to utilize writing to uplift people across the planet. Editor’s note: Roy’s work is an inspiring and rhythmically interesting exploration of hope and pursuing one’s goals. During his mentoring process, he mentioned that the crooked … Continue reading Roy Little