Tegan Ford

Bio: My name is Tegan Ford, I am 15 years old, and I am from the United States. I enjoy writing in my free time and participating in clubs- one of which I created myself, with the hope of giving back to our local community, and even contributing to relief efforts across the globe. I … Continue reading Tegan Ford


Muhammad Hamza Khan

Bio: My name is Muhammad Hamza Khan, and I'm a Canadian-Pakistani living in Pakistan. Currently, I'm a high school student, and I plan on studying Philosophy at a higher level. I like pizza, music, and Charles Bukowski. Editor’s note: Muhammad’s poetry is as striking visually as it is in its subject matter. His work unravels … Continue reading Muhammad Hamza Khan

Roy Little

Bio: My name is Roy Little. I come from Rochester, NY. I have always been a passionate writer. I seek to utilize writing to uplift people across the planet. Editor’s note: Roy’s work is an inspiring and rhythmically interesting exploration of hope and pursuing one’s goals. During his mentoring process, he mentioned that the crooked … Continue reading Roy Little

Chloe Kang

Bio: Chloe Kang is a 17-year-old high school junior attending North London Collegiate School Jeju, South Korea. Her art practice involves experimenting with different types of materials and she loves to explore the way that textures and colours can work off each other. Her work has been published in Adroit Journal, The Claremont Review, and … Continue reading Chloe Kang