We’re looking for stories/poems in all genres. We look for great stories/poems about the youth experience, issues of identity and friendship, coming-of-age, family, and anything else that you as an author consider to be an important aspect of your life.


We’re not big fans of unnecessary profanity, sex, or drug use, but we understand if they are important elements of the story or developed to reinforce a theme. In that case, the editors will use their best judgement to decide whether it is appropriate for our publication. NOTE: if you want to publish your work anonymously due to sensitive material, we will give you that option.

  • Fiction – 2,500 words max. There is no minimum.
  • Micro-fiction/flash fiction – 150 words max.
  • Novel Excerpts – 2,500 words max. There is no minimum. Novel excerpts must be self-contained (they can be read on their own without the rest of the novel to give the reader context).
  • Poetry – Either 6 poems or 1,000 words max.
  • Plays – 10 pages max. Please use the standard play format:
  • Nonfiction – 2,500 words max. This can include memoirs, creative nonfiction, news and feature articles, and essays.
  • Book reviews – 1,000 words max.
  • Videos – 6 minutes max. Videos must already be uploaded to YouTube and be free of copyright infringement.
  • Pictures – 6 images max. Please submit the images copied into a word file – if we like them, we will ask for the jpeg versions.

You can submit via Submittable (the link for that is coming).

When you’re submitting to Manuscription, it’s important to follow the submission guidelines. They are:

  • If you’re submitting anything but a play, video, or picture, then the work must be 12pt font throughout. Even the title.
  • Use a font that’s easy to read, like Arial or Times New Roman. Not comic sans. Please, oh please, not comic sans.
  • Double-space your lines and add a line after each paragraph.
  • Put your last name in the header and page numbers in the footer.
  • STICK TO THE WORD LIMIT. If you send us something that’s too long, we won’t have time to look at it.
  • Make sure that the document you send can be opened on any device. Word in compatibility mode is usually the safest bet – formats like Pages can’t be opened on a PC. Google Docs is also no good because you can’t send those through Submittable, which is where we keep track of everything.