What’s the cut-off age?

We publish young creatives under the age of 18 – which means that you need to be younger than 19 at the time of submission. If your work is selected for the magazine, you will need to provide photoID as proof that you were 18 or younger when you submitted the work.

Do you print fanart, fanfiction, or remix work?

Because of copyright issues, we cannot accept work that is directly derived from another in the style of fanlabour. We believe that plagiarism and fanlabour are different things, but in the eyes of the law there is not a clear distinction so in order to protect ourselves and our contributors from copyright claims all submissions must be your own intellectual property.

Do you pay?

Unfortunately, we’re not there (yet). What we can offer is an editing experience with free feedback and mentoring for those works that are chosen for publication.

What about simultaneous submissions and reprints?

We don’t accept simultaneous submissions. If your work is under consideration with another journal or magazine, then we can’t look at it. If it is a reprint, then you will need permission from the first publisher.

When we publish, we ask for online publication rights for the first six months. After that, you are free to reprint elsewhere.

How do I submit?

We receive submissions through Submittable. All submissions need to be in word format and easily readable on multiple platforms (that means no Mac-only docs). You can find more details in the Submit tab.